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PlasTech Recycling Limited

The Waste Plastic Problem

“Of all the plastics that have ever existed, more than half was produced in the last 15 years … and 91% has never been recycled.”

“By 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean by weight than marine life.”

“According to the 2016-17 National Plastics Recycling Survey (Australian Department of Environment and Energy), approximately 3.51 million tonnes of plastics and plastic products are sold annually in Australia, equivalent to 140 kg per person.

These plastic products are commonly split into two broad classes as follows:

  • 37% durable plastics (rigid and semi-rigid plastic containers)
  • 63% packaging plastics (mostly film and wrap)

Of these 3.51 million tonnes of plastic entering the market, 88.2% remains unrecovered, with the remaining 11.8% being classified as recycled.”

The above quotes are some of the thousands that seek to inform those that are prepared to listen that our planet is in crisis with plastic pollution.

PlasTech Recycling Limited recognises that the issue is not just one of improving recycling capability, but there is a desperate need to curb the exponential growth of new plastic being manufactured and legislate to make the manufacturers of plastics be accountable for the whole life cycle of the products they produce.

Consumers, businesses, and government at all levels need to reduce their dependency on plastics so that the continued growth of plastics being produced is stopped; or, at the very least, brought under control.

Understanding the above, there are literally billions of tons of waste plastic around the world that need to be cleaned up from the environment on land (in stockpiles, landfills, and loose in the environment ) in our waterways and oceans.

The world has been calling out for a simple solution to enable the economic recycling/upcycling of waste plastics to start to address this global issue.

PlasTech Recycling Limited’s PlasTech’s PolyWaste Technology has been designed to play a pivotal role in:

  • Re-purposing the billions of tons of mixed and contaminated waste plastic already in the environment.
  • Divert plastics from the end of life outcomes in existing waste management of plastic processes for manufacture into useful and fully recyclable products.
PlasTech Recycling Limited
PlasTech Recycling Limited
PlasTech Recycling Limited
PlasTech Recycling Limited