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PlasTech Recycling Limited

About PlasTech Recycling Pty Ltd ─ a Brief Overview

PlasTech Recycling Limited (PRL) is a public unlisted company that was incorporated in December 2018 to consolidate a number of related companies ( listed below ) under a single entity in order to further develop and commercialise a unique, patented and exciting new plastics recycling technology named PlasTech’s PolyWaste Technology.

The merged entities are the following wholly owned and majority owned subsidiaries;

  • PlasTech Research and Optimization Pty Ltd (PRO) ( previously known as Newtecpoly Pty Ltd )
  • PolyWaste Intellectual Property Limited (PIPL)
  • PolyWaste Technologies Limited (PTL)

Briefly, PlasTech’s PolyWaste Technology is an energy efficient and versatile recycling process that specialises in processing commingled ( mixed ) waste plastics of all types without the need for sorting or cleaning like traditional recycling technologies.  The outcome of the process is a molten and homogenous substrate ready for moulding into a useful product that, of itself, will be fully recyclable.

The above waste plastics are most often rejected by regular waste collection processes as being deemed not viable for recycling.  Sadly, the above plastics form a significant percentage of the materials collected from domestic, commercial and agricultural waste streams throughout the world.

Most of these plastics find their end of life after a single use in environmentally unfriendly and low value outcomes such as landfill, destruction programs ( waste to energy ) or, worse still, being dumped in an uncontrolled way that releases them into the environment, land, rivers and oceans to create the much publicised plastic pollution causing harm to all forms of wildlife and habitat.

PlasTech Recycling Limited provides the solution to divert the above plastics from the negative or low value waste streams into positive ones as well as being able to clean up existing areas of plastic pollution.

The first commercial machines to use PlasTech’s PolyWaste Technology are branded as a PlasTech Mixer Melter (PMM)

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PlasTech Recycling Limited

Brief History

PlasTech’s PolyWaste Technology was conceived by NSW recycling and irrigation industry leader, Mr Ross Collins (dec’d) of R&M Collins Pumps in response to pitfalls recognised in global plastic recycling processes.

Ross had a passion for finding solutions to the world’s plastic recycling problems and was the holder of several patents for plastics recycling technologies prior to his invention of PlasTech’s PolyWaste Technology.

Ross commenced discussions with another local businessman and founded the following enterprises:

  • PolyWaste Technologies Limited (PTL) a company intended to raise capital to commercialise the technology and
  • PolyWaste Intellectual Properties Ltd (PIPL) a separate company to own the IP and issue licences for its’ use

The PolyWaste companies attracted some initial interest and investment, but struggled to achieve their goals without a hands on, scaled up version of the machine to demonstrate its practical application.

This led to the establishment of a separate enterprise, Newtecpoly Pty Ltd ( later to be renamed as PlasTech Research and Optimization Pty Ltd ) at a facility in Moama NSW as the first non-exclusive licensee permitted to use PlasTech’s PolyWaste Technology.

Over the next 5+ years, using a purpose built prototype of the ‘Mixer Melter’, the Moama research and development facility attained much insight into the capability of the technology to handle all plastics ( all plastic types 1-7 ) and other compatible problematic waste streams, for example, cigarette butts, paint residue, textiles, carpets, and organic matter as acceptable contaminants.  The Moama facility successfully processed and moulded the abovementioned waste plastics into useful products such as posts, bollards, planks and car park bump stops.

It became apparent that the above three enterprises should be merged into one company so that the ownership of the IP of the technology and the practical experience in using the technology should be owned, controlled and commercialised together.

This realisation gave birth to the new parent company, PlasTech Recycling Ltd, in December 2018 as the solid foundation from which to launch to technology to the world.

The ‘PlasTech Mixer Melter’ is the first commercial machine to utilize PlasTech’s PolyWaste Technology.

Management Team

Gregory Willis

Chairman and Company Secretary

Greg holds four degrees in law and administration and has almost 50 years of experience as an Army officer, lawyer, senior political adviser, and as a company director and CEO for HSBC in Hong Kong.

Greg is a compulsive entrepreneur. He has founded and chaired successful food and beverage, insurance, defence manufacturing, and recycling companies.

Greg has also authored a book on company law and is listed as an inventor on three patents.

Colin Barker

Executive Director

Colin, a Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) with Honors, leads the technical drive of the company, having had over 35 years experience as a Process Engineer and Operations Manager in industries such as iron, steel, chemicals, plastics, and water treatment.

Colin has extensive experience in large and small-scale project management, including responsibility for commercial viability, process design, regulatory compliance, construction, and commissioning. His experience also extends to the implementation and maintenance of quality, environmental and WH&S management systems.

Colin is currently serving as a Director and Chair of the Australian Industrial Ecology Network, an affiliation enjoyed since the organisation’s inception in 2008. www.aien.com.au

Ronald Slocombe

Executive Director

Ron is a Chemical Engineer with a distinguished 40-year industrial career history, with extensive international experience across multiple industries, involving technology R&D and commercialisation, OH&S, pilot plant construction, manufacturing, engineering consulting, technical sales, and international sales and marketing.

Ron specialises in materials recycling and sustainability. He has been a consultant working with Patent Attorneys, Start-up companies, and Universities to assess technologies and provide commercialisation advice.

Ron’s skills are both technically and commercially essential to the success of PlasTech.

Kevin Talbot

Non-Executive Director

Kevin is a retired Business and Investment Specialist with over 38 years’ Investment experience across all asset classes, including nine years in Asia across many different countries and cultures.

With multiple tertiary and industry qualifications, including a Bachelor of Economics, his role prior to retirement was as CEO responsible for building and implementing the business strategy of a multi-national financial institution.

With experience in dealings across many different countries and cultures, his pragmatic and strategic leadership style provides expertise in Investment, Business, and Regulatory Risk Management to successful outcomes.

Kevin plays a pivotal role in arranging fundraising activities and expert advice on shareholder matters.

Peter Barker

General Manager

From a diverse career in Retail Operations, Business Development, and Franchising, Peter managed the Moama R&D centre and now supports the Board with administrative, communications, sales, and marketing functions.

Peter has strong practical knowledge of PlasTech’s PolyWaste Technology and will oversee future projects, including international joint ventures, installation, and training services.