Product Development
PlasTech Recycling Limited

Company Development Path

Please see below a brief summary of our development path listing achievements, current undertakings and next steps planned

What We've Done

  • Research & Development on most common plastic waste streams and combinations, with various contaminants
  • Half commercial scale prototype PlasTech Mixer Melter (PMM) built and operated to prove the capability of PlasTech’s PolyWaste Technology
  • Manufacture and successful field testing of moulded products from co-mingled and contaminated waste plastics
  • Patents granted in key countries
  • Additional patent lodged to further secure the original patent and provide coverage in additional countries not covered with the original patents
  • Fully automated, commercial scale PlasTech Mixer Melter design and engineering package funded and completed
  • Secured sufficient investment to reach initial goals and create a broader shareholder base
  • Demonstration Video/s created and promoted
  • Website Constructed
PlasTech Recycling Limited
PlasTech Recycling Limited

What We're Doing

  • Strategy and funding for both Licensor and Joint Venture commercialisation models
  • Implementing Joint Venture partnership with a Dutch based consortium to perform further R&D programs with waste textiles and other specific local waste streams in the EU
  • Coordinating export of Prototype PMM
  • Ongoing training of an Australian resources employed by the above JV who will reside in the Netherlands to install/operate the demonstration equipment.
  • Strengthening the engagement with the international organisation The Alliance to End Plastic Waste ( AEPW ) for further technical due diligence as a precursor to investment in PMM machines in strategic and problematic plastic waste areas around the world
  • Engaging with commercial and cultural specialists to further develop JV and licensing models that will work in non-western markets, with India as a focus.

Our Next Steps

  • Install and commission the PMM prototype in the EU
  • Support the R&D, demonstration and commercialisation of the PMM in EU
  • Support the new patent through the examination phase of the granting process and develop the justification for countries in which the patent should be filed
  • Manufacture and commission the first commercial PMM’s in Australia
  • Progress a JV commercialisation strategy in those countries where the value of patents is not respected, yet have significant need for the technology to address plastic waste issues
  • Seek cooperative with relevant tertiary institutions to expand research and continue to develop knowledge and the science behind blended plastics on a molecular level
  • Develop a comprehensive international government focused marketing program to underpin long term success
PlasTech Recycling Limited